About us

I.N.C.A.P. is a company sited in Padua that produces candy, toffee, gelee and sugar coal.
In 1940 Mr. CESARE CARRARO started this job in a little laboratory in the Sant'Antonio's city, and then the company has been handed firstly to the sons Claudio and Giorgio and after to the grandchildrens...all of them continue to work with passion ensuring the quality of the products and a production of 250 quintals of candies per day.

In 1998 I.N.C.A.P. was rewarded with a gold medal by the Minister of Labour of that time Mr. Treu as one of the first 10 companies in Padua's industrial story.  

This happened in a deep renovation period that, with also the renewing of production machinery, consolidates I.N.C.A.P. position as supplier and distribution partner both in Italian and European Market.

As of now I.N.C.A.P. works contemporary in different but complementary channels of distribution such as GDO, PHARMACY CANDIES, PROMOTIONAL and CUSTOMIZED CANDIES. 

Are You looking for personalized candies for your activity? Do You want to buy candies from wholesale?Do You need candies for pharmacy?Are You a buyer in GDO market looking for a serious supplier of private label candies?

I.N.C.A.P. S.r.l. always has the right solution...


  •  PROMOTIONAL CANDIES AND SWEETS: from several years I.N.C.A.P. S.r.l. is interested in personalized candies realized thanks to our 80 years-experience, originality, high quality and punctuality. You can choose from a full range of customized candies, gelee, gummies, advertising chocolate bars, personalized biscuits, chocolate bottles, bombones and lollipops.Will be our duty to design the perfect packaging with you, sure of the characteristics of your product. If you are looking for advertising candies, I.N.C.A.P.could match our fruit, mint, mou candies to your company or to each image you choose.  


  • SOUVENIR CANDIES AND BOX: I.N.C.A.P. S.r.l. produces not only candies but also metal and paper boxes on witch We can print the image you need: a photography, a image of monuments in your city or a graphic you choose. 
  •  PRIVATE LABEL: I.N.C.A.P. S.r.l. collaborates with many of the most important sweet company in Italy, but  also produces for small caftsman. In this field, the sugar coal has an important role: about 8.000.000 of the packaging. Moreover, we produce candies for Halloween, candies filled with limoncello, candies with anonimous and colorful packaging, baptisms, weddings, Saint Valentine Day candies, honey candies...maybe produced directely with the costumer honey!




Candies production on private label for the most important company in Italian GD and DO market. We dedicate the same passion and care also to wholesale market. In our product catalog there are bulk candies of every wheight and typology, from the most classical flavour to the newest: MILK and STRAWBERRY, MILK and MINT, MIXED BERRIES, GELEE, LIQUORICE, BALSAMIC, MORBIDELLA MAXI GUSTI 


Production or distribution of customized confectionery products from little to big orders. Chocolate cubes, bars, gianduiotti, balls and dark or milk chocolate with logo (minimum order: 1000 pieces). Candies box, box, gummies produced with the shape you need, blister, personalized biscuits, snacks and gelee , chocolate box, promotional calendars. Company gifts for important events. A low price gift that will attract three senses: SIGHT,SMELL and...TASTE


The most recent and maybe the most ambitious project:  produce candies on the private label of each pharmacy. Really. We work on little orders (minimum order: 12 pieces) for a low price and in wide range of flavour.

From 2013  Incap S.r.l. is the only official PULMOLL distributor in pharmacy, parapharmacy and herbalist's shop distribution channels.